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Negligent accidents cause harm to victims in a variety of different ways, and some of the most painful injuries they sustained are serious burns. Burn injuries can be some of the most painful injuries you can experience and can result from car accidents, construction accidents, defective products, and truck accidents. It is important for you or your loved one to understand their rights and legal options if someone else was negligent in causing the burns.

I represent New Mexicans with their burn accident cases with more than 18 years of legal experience. I am honored to have been rated by other attorneys in New Mexico as well as judges to have the highest legal ability and highest ethical standards through an AV rating by Martindale Hubbell. Burns can cause lifelong injuries and ongoing pain. I am happy to discuss your options if you have suffered a burn injury and provide effective legal advocacy you need and deserve.

Degrees Of Burns

Burn injuries can range from painful redness and swelling to scarring, blistering, and serious damage to the skin and tissues.

Burns fall under three main categories depending on the amount of damage to the body:

  • First-degree burns: Injury to only the topmost layer of the skin.
  • Second-degree burns: Burns that damage the outer layer of the skin and the layer beneath it.
  • Third-degree burns: These are the most severe burns because the skin is damaged from the outermost layer to the deepest layer and the tissues beneath the skin.

Most Common Types Of Burn Injuries

There are many types of accidents that can lead to these painful injuries, but the most common types of burns are thermal, electrical, and chemical.

Thermal Burns
Thermal burns are the most common and are caused by the skin making contact with some sort of heat source. Heat sources can include hot objects, hot metals, hot liquids, fire, and steam. The severity- known as the degree- of the injury depends upon the size of the burn, the depth of the burn, and the location of the burn.

Electrical Burns
Electrical burns are caused when an electrical current passes through a part or all of the body. While most of the damage from electrical burns occurs beneath the skin, these burns can cause internal and external injuries. The severity of these burns are based upon the type and intensity of electrical current, the area of the body the current passes through, the amount of moisture on the victim’s body, and the length of exposure to the electrical current. Depending on the strength of the current, electrical burns can also result in other serious side effects, such as:

  • Low-voltage currents: Lower than 500 volts, these currents often do not cause severe burns but can have a number of effects on the body. Victims can suffer muscle spasms, cardiac issues, and oral burns (such as when a child bites an electrical cord).
  • High-voltage currents: These currents are above 1000 volts and cause extreme damages to the body. Exposure to high-voltage currents can result in severe skin and tissue burns, heart rhythm disturbances, seizures, permanent neurological damages, and blunt force trauma injuries and fractures caused by the force of the jolt.

Chemical Burns
Chemical burns are caused by the skin coming into contact with some sort of corrosive substance, such as caustic chemicals, acids, and alkaloids. The damage caused by chemical burns may not be known right away. It is crucial that the chemical is removed from the skin as soon as possible because the injury may get worse with more exposure and absorption into the skin. These burns are commonly sustained by workers in the medical, automotive, agricultural, and construction industries, but can also be caused by such frequently used products as:

  • Household cleaning products with caustic ingredients, such as toilet bowl cleaners (sulfuric acid), deodorizers (phenol), paint cleaners (lye), disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite), and bleach
  • Cosmetic products like nail polish remover and hair dye
  • Industrial products like tar, gasoline, and wet pavement

The Impact Of Burns Upon Victims

Burns can range from mild to severe, and these injuries are unfortunately very common in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and across the country. If your burns were caused by another person or company, it is important that you know your rights under New Mexico’s personal injury law. These injuries are more common than you might think and can have long term effects. Consider the following:

  • Every year in the United States over 2 million people seek medical attention for burn injuries.
  • Burns injuries lead to approximately 14,000 deaths annually.
  • 75,000 burn victims require hospitalization each year, and 25,000 of those remain hospitalized for more than two months.
  • 20,000 victims sustain burn injuries that require admission to specialized burn units or centers.

Burns affect people differently but can cause serious infections and require skin grafts, reconstructive surgeries, plastic surgeries, and rehabilitative care to help restore function and form. Burn treatments are usually very costly and lengthy. Due to the time for recovery, those that have been injured may have financial problems, outstanding medical bills, denials by health insurance, large deductibles, and lost wages. If your injuries were caused by someone that was negligent, I can help you get money in your pocket and get your life back on track. The physical, emotional, and psychological effects of burn injuries can be devastating, and my team at Pofahl Law Firm, P.C., believe that you should be paid to make up for what has happened to you and for your losses.

Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer Albuquerque

My firm is dedicated to providing the people of Albuquerque and all New Mexicans with caring and effective legal representation to fight to get you paid after negligent accidents. I am experienced in all types of personal injury cases and can tell you what options are available to you or your loved one. I am a lawyer that used to work for insurance companies. Use my experience because I have a detailed understanding of the tactics insurance companies and adjusters use to avoid paying out the full amount you deserve. I use this valuable knowledge along with detailed preparation to build complete and comprehensive cases for my clients and help them rebuild their lives.

I understand that this is difficult time for you and your family, which is why I strive to provide every client with nothing less than caring and attentive representation throughout every step of their cases. When you hire me as your Albuquerque burn injury lawyer, I can be by your side to fight for justice. I offer free initial consultations and am available to schedule appointments at a time that is convenient for you. Call 505-266-3434, or you can complete a short contact form online. Remember, when I say it is a no obligation consultation, I mean it- you will not be pressured into hiring me as your attorney and there is no charge.

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