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Traumatic Brain Injury Victims Deserve Albuquerque’s Best Catastrophic Injury Attorney

In motor vehicle accidents where victims suffer catastrophic injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are common. Even a mild TBI where no consciousness is lost can lead to the doubling of dementia risk, according to a study that examined the brain health of more than 350,000 military veterans. Today, researchers are also studying the link between TBI and Parkinson’s disease, a serious neurodegenerative disorder affecting the movement of the body.

Recently, a driver was charged with a nearly fatal texting and driving accident that left an Albuquerque victim with life-changing catastrophic injuries, which include TBI. Nearly one year after the accident, the victim still has difficulty moving more than her thumb from the neck down. These tragic and severe accidents highlight the need for choosing the best catastrophic injury in Albuquerque for your legal claim.

Severe and catastrophic injuries like TBI can lead to the death of a loved one or a lifetime of care and expensive medical treatments. As a personal injury attorney with years of experience representing catastrophic injury and TBI victims with their legal claims, I work to protect your legal rights and pursue deserved compensation after an accident.

TBI Victims May Face Surprising Medical Bills After an Accident

Imagine that you get into a serious accident and are rushed to the nearest hospital. Now, also suppose that you receive essential medical care at this hospital, which just so happens to be ‘out-of-network.’ Upon waking from potentially life-saving surgery, you then come to find that you have a surprise medical bill approaching six figures.

Sadly, this is no mere hypothetical. Victims like New Mexico woman Samantha Hunt have been left to grapple with the difficulties of a surprise bill, which has come to be known as ‘surprise billing.’ When victims need critical care for TBI and similar catastrophic injuries, it is often necessary to be rushed to the nearest hospital.

Of course, this increases the risk that the victim will inadvertently receive care from a medical provider who is not in-network, which can lead to extensive medical bills that the insurance company did not pay.

Remedies are available when such a bill arrives in the mail, but the last thing TBI victims need to face is a tiring and stressful battle with the insurance company. As a former insurance lawyer, I know the tactics of these companies and will negotiate on your behalf. Simply put, victims ought to focus on their loved ones and wellbeing after suffering severe accident injuries. I will take on the legal battles so that loved ones and victims can focus on healing without the added stress of legal and financial disputes.

You Receive Money in Your Pocket, Or No Attorney Fee Is Charged

Accident victims deserve peace of mind, especially after suffering catastrophic injuries. As such, I guarantee no attorney fee will be charged to you unless you receive money in your pocket, no matter how high your medical costs have risen. And, I guarantee that I will get you a higher offer than what you have already received from the insurance company or I will not charge an attorney fee. Finally, I don’t ask my client’s to sign “escalating” fee agreements such as a higher fee charged if I am required to file a lawsuit on your case. I want my clients to feel confident in the legal advice I am giving them and I do not want my client’s second-guessing my legal advice by asking questions such as, “is the reason he is saying we should file a lawsuit is so that he can charge an increased fee or is filing a lawsuit in our best interest?”

These peace of mind guarantees are part of my goal as a personal injury attorney, which is to serve as Albuquerque’s best catastrophic injury attorney who stands up for the legal rights of accident victims.

Contact me online today for a legal consultation to discuss the facts of your TBI injuries and catastrophic injury claim in Albuquerque.



Dominique you rock your amazing thank you for all your knowledge and information on my situation . Im dealing with. Call you if I need you. I recommend them they really truly care and want to help you


Pofahl Law Firm went above and beyond for me. I appreciate everything the team has done for me! Thank you!


Mr. Pofahl and his team pushed for me to get what I deserved. I appreciate the firm line of communication with updates, going above and beyond for me. Thank you all for everything!

By Christina McCormick

By Lisa Littlepage

By Lisa Littlepage

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