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The Best Motor Vehicle Attorney Does More Than Talk Tough

If you have been searching for the best motor vehicle attorney in Albuquerque to represent you after an accident. You may have noticed that attorneys often try to portray themselves as being “tough” on the insurance companies. By talking tough to the insurance company, injured victims will be able to receive fair settlement offers. And maximize the victim’s compensation after a horrible accident. But in reality, this is only partly true.

Mere tough talk alone will not sway an insurance company much, if at all. Talking tough to the insurance company is only possible once your attorney has fully investigated and developed your legal claim through documentation, medical records, and medical bills. This means a strong understanding of New Mexico law, preparation, diligence and an unwavering commitment to the case are what is needed to best represent a client. Simply put, Albuquerque’s best motor vehicle attorney should do more than just talk tough when representing your claim.

As a former insurance lawyer and UNM law grad with nearly two decades of personal injury law experience. I know firsthand that talking tough is effective only when insurance companies are presented with a fully prepared case. And with all necessary proof rooted in a strong understanding of New Mexico injury law.

With that in mind, here are two additional factors that are key to successful personal injury cases in New Mexico:

Obtain the Right Medical Care Early

One of the best things you can do to strengthen your legal claim is to obtain the right medical care from the outset, which is “referred care.” This form of care simply means that a primary care physician or other medical professional manages your care. And also makes referrals to physical therapists, orthopedic specialists and similar medical providers when necessary.

By receiving this form of care, the insurance company’s legal arguments are reduced. The insurance company often tries to argue that injured victims “self-selected” a medical provider or caregiver without seeing their primary care physician first and, ideally, receiving a referral to a therapist that is covered by health insurance.

Choosing a referred care model as an injured accident victim empowers your attorney to more effectively negotiate and talk tough to the insurance company when your insurance claim has been unfairly evaluated. And, should litigation prove necessary, receiving medical care that was referred by a medical doctor best validates the personal injuries that the victim is claiming.

Talking Tough Is More Effective When Your Motor Vehicle Attorney Is Dedicated and Involved

Choose a dedicated attorney who will work closely with you to obtain all relevant facts and documents to prove your legal claim. A lawyer’s commitment to your case is one of the most important considerations to weigh when determining who is the best motor vehicle attorney for representing your Albuquerque accident claim.

I know firsthand that face time with clients and answering their questions are both essential aspects of informing clients about their legal rights under New Mexico law. Additionally, a lawyer’s dedication in the manner described also empowers the client to make an informed legal decision based on knowledge of the types of legal claims for damages that can be made in New Mexico.

Albuquerque’s Professional Automobile and Motor Vehicle Attorney

In summary, a serious injury claim requires a lawyer who has a meticulous attention to detail, works hard and will provide victims with dedicated representation every step of the way. When interviewing with personal injury law firms, asking the following questions will prove helpful:

  1. Did I meet with an actual attorney that gave me legal advice?

  2. Will this attorney still take the time to represent me in a dedicated manner down the road?

  3. Will pressing questions about ongoing medical care receive timely answers?

Yes, tough talk has its place, but only after all of the groundwork, homework, and preparation has taken place. To learn more about the three guarantees and dedicated representation I provide to all accident victims I represent, contact me online for a free case evaluation with a dedicated Albuquerque motor vehicle attorney who cares.



Dominique you rock your amazing thank you for all your knowledge and information on my situation . Im dealing with. Call you if I need you. I recommend them they really truly care and want to help you


Pofahl Law Firm went above and beyond for me. I appreciate everything the team has done for me! Thank you!


Mr. Pofahl and his team pushed for me to get what I deserved. I appreciate the firm line of communication with updates, going above and beyond for me. Thank you all for everything!

By Christina McCormick

By Lisa Littlepage

By Lisa Littlepage

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