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Risks of Not Using the Right Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been in an Albuquerque accident caused by a negligent or reckless driver, you need an Albuquerque car accident lawyer. That said, you don’t need just any lawyer, you need the right lawyer.

Failing to choose the right lawyer can be the difference between a successful lawsuit and making a critical mistake that ruins what should have been a successful case. Here are five of the top risks an accident victim could face by not using the right car accident lawyer in Albuquerque.

You Settle for Less Than You Deserve

If you choose a lawyer who is either inexperienced or uncaring, the lawyer may be tempted to advise you to jump on the first settlement offer. In plenty of instances, this settlement is far less than you deserve. I will never settle until you receive a fair settlement that helps you repair and rebuild your life after an Albuquerque accident.

Choosing the right car accident lawyer means choosing an attorney who will fight for your right to receive the most compensation you deserve, which may even mean taking the case to trial if you are being lowballed on the settlement offers.

Raised Anxiety Caused by Poor Communication

An auto accident and the aftermath it leaves in its wake causes a great deal of stress in accident victims. Choosing a lawyer who doesn’t take the time to communicate with you and give you timely updates on the progression of your case is an almost certain stressor.

I pride myself on taking the time to listen intently and take a personal interest in my clients and their wellbeing. Take the stress out of the equation and receive peace of mind by choosing an Albuquerque car accident lawyer who is an excellent communicator.

Dishonest or Hidden Fee Structures

An unethical personal injury lawyer may not care about treating your accident case with the honor, dignity and care it deserves. The right lawyer will take the time to explain their fee structure openly and transparently before signing the Retainer Agreement and giving you — the client — a copy of said agreement.

In the process, both the lawyer and client will operate with the same understanding of what a successful lawsuit will entail with regards to the financial details that come afterward. Accident victims deserve nothing less than full and complete transparency from their lawyer, which is why I provide honest fee structures for all my clients.

The Risk of Choosing a Lawyer Who Merely Goes Through the Motions

When you choose a lawyer, you absolutely need a lawyer who is diligent enough to spend time on your case and invest in your case with the necessary staff to request medical records and medical bills as well as advance the cost of obtaining all of the medical records and bills. It is common for less experienced car accident lawyers to ask their clients to do the legwork on their case and request and pay for copies of their own medical records and bills and provide them to the attorney.

As an accident victim, you or your loved one needs to be focused on getting follow-up medical treatment and not doing the attorney’s job of building the evidence that is necessary before a settlement demand can be sent to the insurance company. I am an experienced car accident attorney, and I take the time to invest in my law firm and my client’s cases. There is still plenty for the client to be working on in addition to getting their necessary follow-up medical treatment including getting documentation for their out of pocket expenses as well as their lost wage claim. I am an experienced and caring Albuquerque accident lawyer who is willing to go the extra mile for you. Please call my office and make an appointment for a pressure-free case evaluation. I am happy to give you information about your case.

The Wrong Lawyer Lets You Fall into Avoidable Traps

In accident cases, it is not uncommon for adjusters to tell accident victims that their recorded statement is needed to assess credibility. In most cases, providing such a statement rarely helps a client win a case, and it certainly does not cause a claims adjuster to offer more money for the harms suffered.

The right lawyer will let you know whether such actions are in your best interests or not, helping you avoid pitfalls that can sink your accident case unnecessarily.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an Albuquerque accident, give yourself the best chance at receiving deserved compensation by choosing the right Albuquerque accident lawyer who helps clients avoid these risks.

Contact me today for a legal consultation with a lawyer who will diligently fight for your right to compensation every step of the way.



Dominique you rock your amazing thank you for all your knowledge and information on my situation . Im dealing with. Call you if I need you. I recommend them they really truly care and want to help you


Pofahl Law Firm went above and beyond for me. I appreciate everything the team has done for me! Thank you!


Mr. Pofahl and his team pushed for me to get what I deserved. I appreciate the firm line of communication with updates, going above and beyond for me. Thank you all for everything!

By Christina McCormick

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By Lisa Littlepage

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