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New Mexico’s Under-Insured Driver Needs Best Car Accident Lawyer

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If you or a loved one has been injured in an Albuquerque car accident, it will benefit your claim to choose the best car accident lawyer Albuquerque for representing your claim. It is generally true for any accident case that victims should choose the best accident attorney for their claim, but it is especially true in a state with unusually high rates of DUI and underinsured drivers.

Indeed, SmartAsset’s second annual study of the states with the worst drivers ranked New Mexico 5th in the country. This dubious distinction was fueled primarily by two factors.

First, New Mexico suffers from a DUI arrest rate of 5.61 per 1,000 drivers, a figure that is 11th highest in the country. Second, less than 4 in 5 New Mexico drivers possess auto insurance, meaning there is a greater than 20% chance that your car accident will involve a driver who is not insured. This second factor especially complicates the path to recovering compensation for deserving accident victims.

How an Albuquerque Car Accident Lawyer Helps Drunk Driving Accident Victims

Albuquerque’s high rate of DUI arrests indicates police encounters that often prevent a drunk driving accident from occurring. However, more than 1,250 people were killed in New Mexico crashes that involved a drunk driver from 2003 to 2012. In other words, these arrests are meaningful, but far too many drunk driving accidents continue to occur on New Mexico roads every year.

These accidents inflict a significant toll on Albuquerque accident victims who count on their attorney to be Albuquerque’s best car accident attorney for drunk driving victims by recovering significant compensation for the victim’s injuries.

The best car accident attorney in Albuquerque should not stop at merely proving that the other driver’s intoxication caused the accident. Other parties may also bear legal liability for the accident, which may include a restaurant or bar that provided the alcohol. New Mexico dram shop cases require several elements to be proven before a bar, restaurant or social host may be held liable for the accident as well.

However, know that New Mexico law (Section 41-11-1 of the New Mexico Statutes) says that licensed alcohol vendors may be held liable for your drunk driving accident injuries if:

  1. The vendor sold alcohol to an intoxicated person

  2. The level of the person’s intoxication was such that it was “reasonably apparent” to the vendor

  3. The vendor knew the person receiving or buying the alcohol was intoxicated

Simply, DUI or DWI accident victims deserve an injury lawyer who will explore all of your legal options only after fully investigating the facts of your accident to determine who bears legal responsibility for your injuries.

Underinsured and Uninsured Drivers Pose a Risk to Recovering Compensation

If a New Mexico accident lawyer truly has your best interests at heart when engaging in settlement negotiations that maximize your deserved compensation, no negotiation is “simple”. Even so, it must be said that accidents involving only insured drivers are less complex and carry less risk for accident victims.

This is why the high rate of underinsured drivers in New Mexico warrants choosing the best car accident lawyer Albuquerque who has earned your trust. When uninsured drivers cause accidents and a victim’s injuries, possessing an uninsured motorist policy can ensure that there is a source of compensation for these accidents.

If you possess one of these policies and contact a car accident lawyer Albuquerque before settling your claim, you will benefit your legal claim. Also, know that New Mexico law allows your household to “stack” uninsured and underinsured motorist policies for all the vehicles that you pay for under the same insurance policy. Some insurance companies will claim that uninsured motorist coverage has been waived or was not purchased but an experienced and effective accident lawyer will make sure that the insurance company provides proof as well as look into any other uninsured motorist coverage that may be available to you.

Rest assured that car accident lawyer Albuquerque for uninsured motorist accidents will help you explore all legal options in order to recover the maximum possible compensation.

To this end, I provide every client with my exclusive three guarantees, one of which is my promise to waive my right to an attorney fee if I cannot receive a higher offer than you have already received from an insurance company.

Pofahl Law Firm Car Accident Lawyer Albuquerque

For more information on why my exclusive guarantees and nearly two decades of personal injury law experience has earned the trust of Albuquerque accident victims, contact me online to discuss your accident and receive a personal and no-obligation consultation with me directly.




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