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Know Your Legal Options If You Were Hit by a Drunk Driver

Drinking and driving is a major contributor to New Mexico car accidents, and research reveals that New Mexico’s drunk driving problem is one of the most severe. In 2014, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that New Mexico leads the country in alcohol-related deaths per capita. The best personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, then, ought to have experience representing the injured victims of drunk driving.

On average, New Mexico lost just over 51 residents per 100,000 people between 2006 and 2010 to alcohol-related deaths. Many of those deaths were caused by drunk driving.

Plenty of the cases I take as an Albuquerque car accident attorney involve victims who were killed or injured by a drunk driver. Research conducted by a car insurance website found that New Mexico ranks as one of the 10 most dangerous states for drunken driving.

The simple takeaway of these dire statistics is that you need to know your legal options if you were hit by a drunk driver. I will help walk you through each step of the legal process to ensure your rights are protected so you get the compensation you deserve.

For now, here are the steps to take if you or a loved one was hit by a drunk driver.

Talk to the Best Personal Injury Attorney in Albuquerque for Handling Your Accident

I have seen the devastation a drunk driving accident inflicts on its victims firsthand. I provide the caring, compassionate legal representation needed to help my clients navigate the confusion of a personal injury claim.

I help take the stress out of the legal process so you and your loved ones can focus on healing and the care you deserve. The best lawyer will always keep you updated on the case and give you all pertinent information necessary to make an informed legal decision. This is precisely what you can expect when you contact me.

File an Insurance Claim

Filing a claim against the drunk driver’s insurance company is one of the first things you should do after the accident. Reach out to me, and I will help you navigate this process. Remember, you are not required to give a recorded statement to the insurance company and can instead give them information about the case so that a claim can be opened. This is especially true if you are injured and taking narcotic or other medication that may affect your ability to give a recorded statement. I usually set up a recorded statement here at my office so that I can prepare with the client beforehand and then I am present on the phone or in person for the recorded statement to make sure your rights are protected. I have the experience needed to make sure you get a fair offer from the insurance company, so you don’t have to go it alone.

In Some Cases, Alternative Legal Options May Be Needed

A civil lawsuit against the drunk driver and their insurance company may be required in some situations.

If the drunk driver was uninsured, for example, a civil lawsuit against the driver may be worth pursuing. Also, under New Mexico’s dram shop laws, an establishment that irresponsibly serves alcohol to an intoxicated individual can also be sued for their contribution to the accident.

And, even if the driver was drunk, dangerous road conditions could lead to other paths for a lawsuit. In short, the best Albuquerque personal injury lawyer should put their experience to work for you by investigating every possible angle.

That way, you will receive legal advice that truly explored all of your legal options based on the facts of the accident. I provide this to each and every one of my clients.

Contact me for a free no-pressure consultation to discuss the facts of your Albuquerque drunk driving accident.



Dominique you rock your amazing thank you for all your knowledge and information on my situation . Im dealing with. Call you if I need you. I recommend them they really truly care and want to help you


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By Lisa Littlepage

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