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How the Best Car Accident Attorney Can Pursue Your Right to Pain and Suffering Damages

Physical injuries in a serious Albuquerque car accident are far from the only losses and harms inflicted in an accident. In many situations, the pain and suffering caused by an accident can leave an accident victim feeling helpless and as if life will never be the same.

New Mexico law allows for victims to be compensated for their pain and suffering, which is why the best car accident attorney in Albuquerque will pursue your right to receive pain and suffering compensation whenever applicable.

New Mexico Pain and Suffering Compensation

It is important to know that New Mexico law ensures victims can pursue compensation if their car accident results in extreme emotional anguish, anxiety, depression or loss of sleep. Even if you are partially at fault, New Mexico’s status as a pure comparative fault state allows for you to still receive pain and suffering damages, albeit at a reduced rate that considers your level of fault in the accident.

Never accept a lowball settlement offer from the insurance without talking to me first. As a former insurance lawyer, I know the tricks and strategies used by the insurance company that will lead to you receiving a lower offer than you deserve.

I pursue all forms of applicable compensation for your Albuquerque accident, including pain and suffering compensation. The representation I provide is based on more than just pursuing this compensation for you, however.

Accident victims know that when they contact me, I truly care about the emotional anguish and pain that has impacted your ability to enjoy life. Compensation alone cannot restore your enjoyment of life, which is why I promise to always provide caring and compassionate legal representation from our first conversation until your case is effectively resolved.

It is an honor to receive 5-star feedback from accident victims and loved ones once I help them receive the compensation and justice needed to begin the process of restoring their lives.

Contact me online for a legal consultation to discuss the facts of your Albuquerque car accident case today.



Dominique you rock your amazing thank you for all your knowledge and information on my situation . Im dealing with. Call you if I need you. I recommend them they really truly care and want to help you


Pofahl Law Firm went above and beyond for me. I appreciate everything the team has done for me! Thank you!


Mr. Pofahl and his team pushed for me to get what I deserved. I appreciate the firm line of communication with updates, going above and beyond for me. Thank you all for everything!

By Christina McCormick

By Lisa Littlepage

By Lisa Littlepage

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