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Benefits of Hiring the Best Catastrophic Injury for Your Albuquerque Accident Claim

While no personal injury case is ever taken lightly by a good personal injury attorney, the fact remains that the severity of catastrophic injuries deserves the very best catastrophic injury attorney in Albuquerque. As a personal injury lawyer who always looks out for my client’s best interests, I am proud to say that clients who have trusted me with their case receive the compensation they deserve through a fair settlement or winning at trial.

Albuquerque’s Best Catastrophic Injury Attorney Traits for Protecting a Victim’s Injury Claim

Based on my almost two decades of experience, I believe there are certain traits the best catastrophic injury attorney in Albuquerque should have: Reliable, accessible legal counsel– not advice from staff members because the attorney is too busy.

  1. Aggressive Advocacy Whenever Necessary– It is not always in a client’s best interest to have an attorney immediately file suit. A person with catastrophic injuries should obtain follow up care before the pressures or time demands of a lawsuit are present. This will also give the attorney an opportunity to lay the groundwork for locating expert witnesses and potentially initial opinions before a lawsuit is ever filed. These types of opinions as well as careful attention by the person that is injured to get all follow up care needed, then the case may be set up for settlement rather than litigation if the insurance company knows that the attorney is prepared and the injured person has followed all of their doctor’s orders.

  2. A Strong Case Based On The Facts And Evidence– Any attorney can claim that they are aggressive and always go to trial but the reality of the matter is that the vast majority of cases settle before trial. The way to get serious injury or catastrophic injury cases to settle is to painstakingly provide all necessary documentation and facts to the insurance company for review. I always tell my clients that the insurance company, or the jury if we get to that point, can only compensate them for damages, injuries, and losses for which we provide proof. There is a lot of time and energy that goes into preparing a catastrophic injury case for settlement or trial and the details are most important. This is why you need a strong case based on facts and evidence.

Here are a few ways that I help injury victims protect their legal rights and New Mexico catastrophic injury claim.

How Your Lawyer Protects Your Serious Injury Claim

Given the severity of catastrophic injuries that may never heal or take a lifetime of medical care and treatment, receiving a fair settlement offer or the compensation you deserve at trial is vital. Your lawyer will help make sure this happens at the outset when you file a personal injury claim for your catastrophic injury.

I always tell my clients at the outset that the information I am provided with about the accident helps build a stronger case. I will advise clients on the type of information that is needed to strengthen your legal claim and the number of damages you are seeking.

Generally, accident victims should do the following after an accident:

  1. File a police report– Even if the other driver says that they will accept responsibility, stories often change when they are reporting their claim to their insurance company. Without a police investigation and determination of liability, your “clear liability” case may end up being denied.

  2. Collect all pertinent evidence and take photographs at the accident scene– A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes photographs can help clear up important facts later.

  3. Talk to witnesses and exchange contact information with all parties involved in the accident– be SURE and ask them to write down their name and phone number and give it to you because witness names often do not make it on to police reports or they get tired of waiting to speak to the investigating officer and leave.

  4. Receive medical attention, fully discussing your injuries with a physician and having your treatment and injuries documented- Make SURE that you do not give out your auto insurance or the other driver’s auto insurance information to your healthcare providers. If you have health insurance, only give your health insurance information and follow up to make sure your health insurance has been billed and also that they paid the bill. You are entitled to the discounts that your health insurance will receive when they pay the bills and these discounts can increase your net recovery once your case is settled or goes to trial.

With this information in hand, I can then help you pursue maximum compensation by filing a claim for damages in your catastrophic injury case. Based on the evidence, I may advise you to seek damages that include compensation for:

  1. Scarring

  2. Lost earning capacity/lost wages

  3. Loss of use

  4. Pain and suffering

  5. Punitive damages for another party’s legal wrongdoing

  6. Past and/or future medical expenses

These are just a few of the ways in which catastrophic injuries are compensated. The best catastrophic injury lawyer for your case will thoroughly review the facts and pore over every detail during discovery. I know the issues to look for that will help me prove who was responsible for your injuries and justify the damages you seek to recover.

Finally, I will help your catastrophic injury case by relying on expert witnesses and consultants who will help provide the expertise necessary to put a value on your legal claim. Whether those experts are doctors, engineers, private investigators or any other kind of specialist, I work hard to put my client’s case on a strong legal footing from the moment you hire me as your attorney until your case is resolved.

I understand that you have many options to choose from, which can feel overwhelming in an already stressful situation post-injury. I strive to be the best catastrophic injury in Albuquerque by providing the legal counsel you need as well as a compassionate ally who will keep you informed and apprised of all developments in your case. Hiring the right attorney is a decision you need to feel comfortable with so I am honored to be included if you are interviewing several attorneys before making a decision. I am happy to set up a “no pressure” meeting to review information about your case as well as the strength of your legal claims to make an informed decision on the right attorney to hire.

Contact me online today for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the facts of your Albuquerque personal injury claim today.



Dominique you rock your amazing thank you for all your knowledge and information on my situation . Im dealing with. Call you if I need you. I recommend them they really truly care and want to help you


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By Lisa Littlepage

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