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Slip and Fall Attorney in Albuquerque

When people slip or trip and fall in public, it is common for the person to get up as quickly as possible to show that they are alright and to lessen the embarrassment of falling or may not feel injured severely enough to report the fall. However, it is crucial and important to report your fall to the restaurant or store management so that they have a record of your fall and can report it to their insurance company as soon as possible. A great way to assist in your case when presented to an Albuquerque slip and fall attorney, is to take photos of any liquids or improper maintenance before they begin cleaning up the condition that caused you to fall. The saying is that a picture can be worth 1,000 words but in the case of slip or trip and fall accidents, a photograph may mean the difference between getting a negligent business to pay for your injuries or not.

It is also important to get medical treatment if you have been injured. It may be embarrassing to ride in an ambulance after a fall but injuries from falls can be even more severe than some car accidents because there is nothing to cushion the body when it hits a hard surface. This may be combined with the suddenness of losing your footing and falling in an awkward position that increases the severity of the injuries. Common injuries from falls are injuries to the wrist or hand when people try to catch themselves or break their fall. As an Albuquerque Slip & Fall Attorney, I stand up for injury victims. I will hold the property owner responsible for creating or allowing a dangerous condition and help you get paid for your injuries.

My name is Brady Pofahl, I am an Albuquerque Slip and Fall Attorney and I have over 18 years of experience representing injured people throughout New Mexico in personal injury and premises liability claims, including sidewalk injury and store fall claims. I will stick by you all the way until the end- including trial if needed. As your Albuquerque slip & fall attorney, you will receive my personalized attention and be fully informed about your case and legal options.

Differences In “Slip And Fall” And “Trip And Fall” Claims In New Mexico

There is a difference between “slip and fall” accidents and “trip and fall” accidents. If you file the wrong type of claim, the insurance company could deny your claim. Here are the differences between these claims:

  • Slip and fall accidents: The facts and details are very important as to how and why you fell. If hazardous conditions (such as spills) are created by the property owner or their employees or if the spill is neglected for long periods of time, property owners can and should be held responsible for causing falls.
  • Trip and fall accidents: These cases are usually easier to prove. If there is a structural or maintenance problem, such as uneven walkways, cracks in floors or broken steps, property owners must provide proper warnings until it can be fixed.

Injuries From Slips, Trips And Falls

Slip or trip and fall accidents can lead to all types of injuries, including life-altering brain and spinal injuries, which is why it is important that you work with someone who understands what you are going through and is specifically a slip and fall attorney. You deserve compensation, and I will be the attorney who will help you through the legal process.

I am a former insurance lawyer, which means I know how adjusters work and think. I will make sure we provide the evidence the insurance company needs to take your claim seriously, so you get the maximum recovery possible that you deserve.

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