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What Pofahl Law Firm Clients Are Saying 

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Client's Reviews

Very Responsive

"Brady has been easy to work with and very responsive to our questions and concerns. He has helped us with not one but two cases, both resulting in our favor. We would definitely use his services in the future!"

- Kushboo M.


Helpful and Professional

"Me and my mom were referred to the Pofahl Law Firm, P.C., by our friend who has used his services before. When I and my mom went into the office for our consult and meeting, everyone was very nice, helpful and professional. Mr. Pofahl was very helpful in explaining what we would need to do and answered all our questions. Whenever I or my mom would have additional questions, we would just email or call down to the office and our questions would be answered in a timely manner. Also the receptionist/paralegals working here are very nice and will talk with you and answer any questions. I would recommend using Pofahl Law Firm, P.C., because everyone was nice, professional, and attentive and there when you needed questions answered."

- Elizabeth E.



"Mr. Pofahl was my attorney in a personal injury case. I was his client for over one year. During this time not only was I Mr. Pofahl’s client, I felt he treated me as a friend. Mr. Pofahl and his staff were always very helpful in providing information and advice while handling my case. Mr. Pofahl was always there when I needed him, even when he had to travel long distances to do so. Due to Mr. Pofahl’s hard work, the case ended in an out-of-court settlement. I do not believe anyone could have done a better job."

- Jack M.


Auto Accident After Surgery

"I was in an automobile accident in July 2008. I had just had surgery a few days prior to the accident and was going to the doctor for a follow-up appointment. En route to the appointment, a driver in a pickup truck turned left in front of me and caused an accident. I was taken by ambulance to UNMH trauma center. After 2 1/2 years of trying to settle with the other insurance company, they were still only offering me $15,000, which did not even cover the medical bills, lost days of work, etc. I retained Brady Pofahl as my attorney, and within a few weeks, I settled for more than three times the original amount I was offered by the other insurance company. I would highly recommend Mr. Pofahl, since he was very thorough and professional with my case."

- Bruce S.


Highly Recommended

"Brady Pofahl is currently my attorney. In 2011 my son and I experienced a horrible automobile accident. Another vehicle ran a red light and caused me to crash into the side of it. My vehicle then spun around 180 degrees. My entire family has suffered tremendously and I will carry the physical and emotional results of the accident with me to my grave. Brady has shown deep concern for me in every way and I am very impressed by his advice to me. He always tells me to do what is best for me without showing concern for his financial interests in the case. Every time I have called to talk with him, I have always been able to. He has never put me off or had me call back later. I know he has been very busy at times, still he takes the time to answer my question and advise me without hurrying the conversation. Before hiring Brady, I called a previous client of his for a reference. She recommended him highly. She told me that she knew she had made the right decision by hiring Brady and that he had helped her even more than she had expected. Now I can also recommend him highly. Even though my case is not settled yet, I feel very confident that Brady will continue to do what is best for me. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for doing everything he can to help me get through this devastating time in my life. He is definitely an attorney with a heart for his clients."

- Deborah R..


Tragic Accident

"When it comes to trusting someone to represent you through a tragic accident similar to what I experienced, Brady is by far the No. 1 choice. I would recommend him because of his patience, persistency, and above all his ample knowledge and experience he has which led to a very successful outcome for my case that changed my life. Working with him and his staff put me at ease and I could trust that I was always put first and could expect consistency of keeping me in the know of the status of my case. If it wasn’t for his law firm’s support and him being my lawyer I would have been taken advantage of by my insurance company. Setting up the first meeting with Brady was by far the best thing I could have done with my case and ultimately my future."

- Tara M.



Detailed and Organized Attorney

"Brady Pofahl is an extremely detailed and organized attorney who deeply cares about his clients. His insight and experience into the legal system and his ability to explain complex matters at a level one can appreciate and comprehend is a valuable tool for his clients. Brady is an asset to anyone involved in a personal injury case and he works extraordinarily hard on their behalf."

- Deborah P.

Scooter Accident

"I was involved in a scooter vs. car accident in 2006 in which I (on my scooter) wound up on the losing side of the collision. The person who hit me (being fully in the wrong) was severely underinsured and my own insurance company quickly became resistant to paying for my medical and other expenses as is apparently their custom.

I sat down with several attorneys in Albuquerque and explained my case to them in detail. Brady Pofahl was recommended by a friend who had been in an accident some years prior so I included him in my list of prospective representatives. Brady really seemed to understand my situation better than the others who I had met with. Over the course of bringing my case to resolution with the insurance company, I had occasion to spend a large amount of time in direct consultation with Brady, working with his staff and assembling the information that he deemed necessary to win our case.

During this time he and his staff was always available for me if I had questions and they made numerous accommodations to my needs and schedule in order to keep things moving along. In the face of a stiff challenge from the defendant’s insurance company, Brady excelled at keeping me informed in such a way that I always knew where we stood on the case and what to expect in the future. I constantly felt like his firm “had my back” so to speak and when my case “settled,” Brady was gracious in helping me through that process as well. In the event that you need the services of a personal injury attorney, I would highly recommend that you give his office a call and sit down with him to explain your case. I suspect that you will have a similar reaction to mine, that he is genuine, forthright and interested in helping you to the best of his personal and professional abilities."

- Desi B.



"Mr. Pofahl has a great law office. They are professional, courteous and always there to answer any questions, that you may have. I would recommend Mr. Pofahl to any person who needs a lawyer."

- Mary and Raymond C.


Constant Communication

"Brady is a great lawyer. He was very helpful and had constant communication with me throughout my case. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again for all your help, your firm exceeded my expectations."

- Suzette B.


Two Accidents

"I have had two car accidents where I was struck by inattentive drivers. The second has left me unable to enjoy and continue my ordinary daily activities.

Brady Pofahl had made certain in the first accident that I received the compensation necessary so I would be able to heal from my injuries and enjoy my life again. I know he is working just as diligently this time to make certain I have all the healthy opportunities necessary to enjoy life again."

- Lisa F.


Bicycle Accident

"I came to Brady Pofahl following an accident where I was hit by a car while cycling. The process of trying to recover from severe injuries was very challenging, and the prospect of trying to recover damages and medical expenses was very daunting. Having no idea how to approach such an undertaking I knew it would be important to engage a lawyer with the appropriate skills and experience. Brady proved himself to be extremely capable, very thorough and highly organized. Brady guided me through the process and ensured all the necessary steps were taken and documentation collected to create the strongest possible case. His professionalism and attention to detail allowed me to focus on recovering from my injuries without the additional stress of wondering if the legal aspects were being handled appropriately. I would recommend his services without reservation."

- Vanessa B.


Trouble with Insurance Companies

"If it was not for Mr. Pofahl I am sure I would not be a homeowner. Why? Because of all the medical debt that was incurred when I was in a car accident that was not my fault. It was wrecking me financially and had it not been for Mr. Pofahl’s diligence, the insurance companies would have tried to get away with not paying me what I was entitled to in this case. It took time but it was worth the wait because in the end I got what I deserved, the debts paid in full, and some cash for my troubles. It is a good thing that Mr. Pofahl was on my side because the insurance companies kept trying to blow him off or trick him but he knew what he was doing and he got the job done."

- Rosenna M.


Kind and Caring

"Brady is a wonderful lawyer and a very kind and caring person."

- Yvonne S.


Very Professional

"The Pofahl Law Firm, P.C., in my opinion was very professional and well-versed in terms of legal representation and worked with me on a personal level to acquire results to my satisfaction, I definitely without hesitation recommend Mr. Pofahl and his law firm."

- Ward H.


Thank You!

"I would like to thank you for representing me regarding my accident. Your knowledge of the industry obviously showed, as I was completely satisfied with the way my case was handled!!! Thank you, again!!"

- Mark F.


Legal Advice

"When I was looking for legal advice, and ultimately legal representation, I was apprehensive on whom to approach. What I wanted was an attorney who would effectively handle my case, but also an attorney who would take into consideration my mental health issues and how I could be adversely affected by too much information and pressure. I called “big name” law firms and small local law firms, but it was when I contacted Brady and went in to see him at his office that I finally felt I found an attorney who would listen to me and be sensitive to my needs. Brady proved himself to be both an excellent professional and a caring human being."

- Steve B.


Bullying From Insurance Companies

"I came to Brady Pofahl on a referral from my sister for an auto accident. I personally tried to work with Progressive to settle my claim and they would not budge, but would call and email me weekly to try to bully me into settling. I was still under the care of my doctor and physical therapist. As soon and Brady took my case, the calls and emails stopped and he is taking care of things for me. He is always quick to get back to my messages and has great advice and answers to my questions. I would recommend Brady Pofahl to anyone seeking help."

- Wendy B.



Top Notch Attorney

"I would absolutely recommend Mr. Pofahl to represent you in any type of legal claim! He was top notch from start to finish! First, let me say that he provided me with stellar communication, which included calling me back in promptly. Mr. Pofahl explained the intricacies of my case comprehensively and answered any questions I had. His staff was courteous and helpful. Being involved in an auto collision is stressful enough; however, having Mr. Pofahl representing me was instrumental in alleviating the anxiety with the whole process. Lastly, he was able to secure a very equitable settlement. During the entire process he was both professional and reassuring."

- Robb B.



Reasonable and Thorough

"Mr. Pofahl, from the very beginning, was very personable and thorough. He made sure that I understood my situation and I always felt comfortable asking him questions. I really appreciate the one-on-one contact. I have dealt with the large law firms that make you feel like just a number. Thank you, Mr. Pofahl for your dedication!"

- Leah B.



Exceeded my Expectations

"The service we received at Brady’s law firm was only exceeded by his knowledge and advice during a very difficult time for my family. He and his wonderful staff really made us feel safe and well taken care of during the entire process. We have referred friends and co-workers to the law firm many times because of how impressed we were with his results and the excellent advice and service we received. This was our first experience ever with a lawyer and now we would not think twice about contacting Brady and his law firm if the need ever arises again."

- Eric B.




"I appreciate all the work that you put into my case. It meant a lot to me that you took the time to explain the whole process to me. You gave a realistic view that it wasn’t an overnight fix to my problem and that it would take some time. You let me know that you were on my side and that I should take the time that I needed to ensure that I was completely healed from the incident. You reminded me that I would probably incur some expenses along the way like co-payments for my appointments. You assured me not to worry that you would re-coupe all of those costs and you did. You have restored my faith in the system and lawyers as a whole. I really want to thank you for that the most. May God bless all that you do both personally and professionally, and thanks for taking care of the little guy.

With much appreciation."

- Stuart B.



Best Decision

"Hiring Brady Pofahl was one of the best decisions of my life. From the first moment I spoke to Brady, I knew he was the attorney for me. I felt he was honest and caring. He also took extra care and tried to prepare me for each outcome to alleviate extra stress. Brady was there for me during a very difficult time and his commitment to integrity allows me to confidently recommend him to others in difficult situations."

- Tammy M.


Very Informative

"Brady helped me through my whole process after my accident. Brady was very informative about how everything worked and kept me up to date on everything. Thank you, Brady!!"

- Justin K.


Auto Accident

"I can recommend Brady Pofahl as a caring, and knowledgeable attorney. After having being involved in several auto accidents through the years, Brady was the only attorney who was willing to “go to bat” for me when a woman hit my husband and I, who were sitting still in traffic, going approximately 45 mph, totaling our big 1 ton dually truck!! It was a challenge because in spite of serious injuries the insurance companies argued that every problem I experienced was due to earlier accidents. It simply was not true. I now have severe Fibromyalgia among other conditions. Thank you Brady for believing that I had a right to compensation for my pain and injuries."

- Vickie P.


In March of 2018 my wife and I had the misfortune of being involved in a “motor vehicle crash” through no fault of our own. We found ourselves in need of legal representation over this motor vehicle crash as we have no experience in dealing with powerful insurance companies and having to recover property and medical financial losses.

We interviewed with other recommended legal advisor’s but felt it wasn’t the right fit for us. Fortunately for us, a friend put us in contact with Mr. Brady Pofahl’s office and after the preliminary interview with Mr. Pofahl we felt completely at ease with him. During the preliminary interview my wife and I appreciated Mr. Pofahl’s integrity, professionalism, concern for our needs and thorough knowledge of the legalities at hand. After the preliminary interview with Mr. Pofahl the decision to retain him as our legal representative was easily made. Mr. Pofahl’s office immediately went to work on our behalf in developing a “plan of action” and meticulously put our case together in an ethical way.

Throughout the duration of the back and forth with the opposing insurance company’s requests and requirements, multiple medical billing entities and medical rehabilitation appointments, Mr. Pofahl’s office professionalism and commitment to excellence shown through. The friendly atmosphere and staff made navigating the complex world of automobile crash’s and insurance manageable and without apprehension. My wife and I definitely felt we had a unified working team on our side.

Mr. Pofahl and his staff also gave emotional support as our personal lives faced tremendous challenges during this entire process.

Without a doubt or hesitation we wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Pofahl as your “Personal Injury Lawyer”.

Paul & Ysela Gonzales.

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