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Whatever Happened to the Hands-on Personal Injury Lawyer?

The Best Personal Injury Attorney In AlbuquerqueAlthough a lot of New Mexicans might not know it, there are huge out-of-state law firms moving into New Mexico. They are buying existing law firms or opening their own offices. Other than possibly hiring a local attorney or staff- the bulk of the money that these law firms make take money out of New Mexico and back to the states where these huge firms operate. New Mexico is learning that this is the age of the huge law firm, with a lot of staff leading to an almost corporate approach to representation of individuals who have suffered some type of personal injury. A great many personal injury attorneys graduate from law school every year, because it’s such a big area of practice in the legal community, and there’s so much demand for it.

With many personal injury lawyers joining law offices around the country every year, it’s hard to find a firm where the owner of the business takes a hands-on, personal interest in every case brought to him. Albuquerque personal injury attorney Brady Pofahl is a rare exception to the rule these days, because he does guarantee clients his personal attention and involvement, and his own sincere commitment to represent each and every client to the fullest extent possible.

Disappearing personal touch

Best Personal Injury Attorney AlbuquerqueA century or more ago, most law firms were operated by single lawyers, or perhaps two partners jointly practicing law. Over the years, law firms have changed to operate more like businesses and less like a profession where the attorney is advising the client and not their staff. It is also possible that an attorney that does not have much experience is assigned to help the client in one of these big law firms. In this kind of setup, anyone needing legal help might well be shuffled around between several lawyers and many staff members during the course of representation for a personal injury case. That’s what makes it so unusual to receive personal attention from any law firm founder these days, and for all legal actions surrounding a given case to be executed by that same person.

It’s comforting to know in this fast-paced, high-tech world that there is still legal assistance available from a personal injury attorney who takes the hands-on approach seriously, and actually makes a sincere effort to get to know each of his clients, and understand the situation for which they require advice or representation.

The hands on Albuquerque personal injury lawyer

A personal injury claim is just that- personal to you. Injuries affect each individual differently as opposed to a real estate claim. It’s good to know that your personal injury attorney will take a genuine interest in you and your case. If you want your case handled from start to finish – the initial consultation right up to the case settlement – by the same committed attorney, you should contact the law offices of one of the last of the hands-on personal injury professionals, Albuquerque Attorney Brady Pofahl.


The Best Personal Injury Attorney In Albuquerque

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